Technical Description

Proven methodology

The Stakeholder Circle® uses a proven methodology based on the results of five years research by Dr Lynda Bourne. See How It Works for a brief overview of the methodology.

The research underpinning the methodology is described in Dr. Bourne’s thesis and summarized in a research paper ‘Project Relationships and theStakeholder Circle (see List of Papers for free downloads).

To learn more, you can book Dr. Lynda Bourne to speak at your event.

System Description


The Stakeholder Circle has been developed as both an Excel template and a Word template.

Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd is licensed to distribute this software.

Key Features

  • Adjust the relative weightings for power, proximity and urgency based on the needs of your project to identify the most important stakeholders (see ‘adjust index weightings’)
  • Develop a stakeholder engagement strategy based on:
    • Mutuality
    • Communicating for effect
  • Comprehensive help system
    • Included with the software
    • Additional free web based help (linked from the tool)
    • Email help (24 Hr turn round)
  • Training and mentoring available world wide (see training)

System Requirements

Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or faster
Minimum 1 GB RAM for XP
Minimum 2 GB RAM for Vista
Screen resolution of 1368X768/800 or better.

Internet speed of minimum download 512 KBps and upload 128 KBps, at these speeds the system response is moderate.

OS Version
XP 32-bit (SP3)
Vista 32-bit/64-bit,
Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6

Browser Support
Firefox 4 (32-bit)
Chrome 9, 10
IE 8, 9 (Not recommended)
JavaScript and cookies enabled

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