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This feature is not available in the SWS Excel Spreadsheet or limited tracking is facilitated in the SoaP Word Template. For a summary of the features in each tool see: Tools Description

Detailed Methodology

The Stakeholder Circle has been designed to facilitate the routine assessment of a project’s stakeholder community and to allow changes to be tracked over time.

Through the regular review and re-assessment of a project’s stakeholder community, a history of stakeholder involvement and supportiveness, and decisions made about their engagement is maintained. As a consequence, the effectiveness of the on-going engagement strategy and communication plan can be assessed and improvements planned.

The Change History shows the changes made to an individual stakeholder by version. For each of the data fields:

  • If the version number has not been incremented, any change simply overwrites the existing data (see Version Numbers for more information)
  • If the version number has been incremented and a change is made, a new data record is created and the change is a part of that record (all existing data is copied forward). Each change can be tracked through the change history data view
  • If no change is made, the latest information is used in data views and reports regardless of the number of version changes since it was recorded.

This process minimizes the amount of data stored; each version only holds the changes made plus a copy of the Stakeholder Circle diagram and the Engagement Profile if these reports were created. A new ‘change history’ record is only created if the stakeholder’s information is changed after the version number has been incremented.

Notes and Comments Field

This field is not managed as part of the versioning system. All changes are incremental and information can be added or edited as needed.

Visit the Methodology Page to read a summary of the overall Stakeholder Circle methodology.

SIMS dB Data Entry / Data Management

View Change History

Select ‘Show Change History’ from either the Stakeholder Prioritization List or the Stakeholder Engagement List.

The change data is protected and cannot be altered.

The ‘Notes and Comments’ field is not managed as part of the versioning system. All changes are incremental and information can be added or edited as needed.

Change History – Navigation

  • Main Menu – Returns you to the Main Menu
  • Go Prioritization – this takes you back to the Stakeholder Prioritization list
  • Help – this option opens the help screen (pop-up): close the help pop-up to continue working (Note, the database help screen links to additional information on the Stakeholder Circle web site)
  • Go Engagement – this takes you back to the Stakeholder Engagement list
  • Show Active – (Default) shows all active stakeholders (does not show inactive)
  • Show Inactive – shows any stakeholders that have been marked as ‘Inactive’
  • Use the up / down arrows to move between records.

Help (email only – 24 Hrs)

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