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Print Reports

This feature is not available in the SWS Excel Spreadsheet or SoaP Word Template. For a summary of the features in each tool see: Tools Description

SIMS dB Data Entry / Data Management

Default Paper Size

The default paper size is American Letter, this can be changed to A4.

To change the default paper setting:

  • Select ‘Edit Project’ from the Main Menu
  • Change the paper size to either A4 or Letter Printing Options
  • The printing dialogue allows further selection of paper sizes dependent on your printer set up
  • Note: The Stakeholder Circle report layouts designed for printing are not scalable. If you wish to scale a report to a different paper size:
    • First print the report to PDF or Microsoft Image writer at the defined size and
    • Then scale the PDF or Image to the desired paper size for printing.
    • A free PDF writer that has been tested with the Stakeholder Circle is available from

Records Being Browsed

The printing dialogue shows an option at the top ‘Print: Records being browsed’ this setting should not be changed. The other options will only print one (or no) records.

Available Print Reports

  • Full Report – most data for all active stakeholders
  • Summary Report – key data only for all active stakeholders


  • Stakeholder Circle charts (A3 sized reports – see Visualization Help page):
    • Strip chart
    • Full Stakeholder Circle report
  • Stakeholder Engagement Profile (A4 report – see Engagement Profile Help page)
  • Issues Reports (see Issues Help page):
    • Open issues for a single stakeholder
    • Open Issues for all stakeholders (sorted by issue manager)
  • Communications Reports. The current communications plan (see Engagement Help page) grouped by:
    • Team member responsible for delivering the message (messenger)
    • Stakeholder (all messages planned for each stakeholder)
    • Report (the distribution list for each report / message)

Help (email only – 24 Hrs)

Help is available to all Stakeholder Circle users – we will attempt to answer your questions within a 24 hr period. To access help in the first instance email your question to:

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