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This feature is not available in the SWS Excel Spreadsheet or SoaP Word Template. For a summary of the features in each tool see: Tools Description

SIMS dB Data Export

Three sets of data can be exported for use in other systems. To export a file select ‘Export Data’ from the main menu and choose the data to be exported. The exported data is in a Tab delineated text format (TAB)

Export Stakeholder Data

The information contained in the export file is:

  • Stakeholder Name
  • Role
  • Direction
  • Internal / External
  • Power
  • Proximity
  • Urgency
  • Significance to Project
  • Requires from project
  • Receptiveness
  • Support
  • Priority
  • Index
  • Active / Inactive

Export Issues Data

The information contained in the export file is:

  • Issue Manager
  • Stakeholder Name
  • Issue description
  • Target resolution date
  • Status (Open / Closed)
  • Priority

Export Communication Management Plan Data

The information contained in the export file is:

  • Message Number
  • Message Name
  • Format – Formal / Informal
  • Format – Oral / Written
  • Report Contents
  • Stakeholder Name (recipient)
  • Report comments
  • Messenger’s Name
  • Date Cancelled
  • Cancelled By (name)

To export a file select ‘Export Data’ from the main menu

Export All Data

The ‘Export All Data’ option from the ‘Edit Project’ menu writes out a set of up to 13 files that can be used for a number of purposes:

  • The ‘Export All Data’ function dumps the whole project database into between 1 and 13 files (depending on the options you have used within the SHC System) in the ‘Export’ folder. The files are called Export_01, Export_02, etc.
    • The Export folder is inside the ‘Stakeholder Startup’ folder
  • All of the files in an ‘export set’ must be kept together for the import process to work
  • This set of ‘export’ files can be transferred to the ‘Import’ folder within another version of SHC for importing when needed
    • The Import folder is also inside the ‘Stakeholder Startup’ folder
  • The 21 day version of the SHC will export its data before closing down

The data can be imported into an empty Stakeholder Circle database to facilitate system upgrades, what if analysis, etc. The data can be archived for security and record keeping purposes.

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