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  • Project scheduling Update
    1. A new paper looking at the origins of CPM has been uploaded to our PM-History page – looks at where the concepts that evolved into CPM and PERT originated. All of our papers can be found at: 2.  The PMI members’ only Scheduling Conference 2017 is going to... Read more »
  • Setting up a project controls system for success
    A couple of hour’s hard thinking can make the difference between project success and failure!  Far too many projects are simply started without any real thought as to the best strategy for delivery and what control systems are really needed to support the management of that delivery – one size... Read more »
  • New Articles posted to the Web #57
    We have been busy beavers updating the PM Knowledge Index on our website with White Papers and Articles.   Some of the more interesting uploaded during the last couple of weeks include: WP updated: Risk Management. WP updated: Project Definition. WP Updated: Project Strategy. WP Updated: Ethics and Leadership. WP Updated: Cost Estimating. And we continue to tweet a free... Read more »
  • 2017 Classroom courses kick off on 20th March
    Mosaic’s PMP and CAPM training program for 2017 starts on the 20th March (there’s still time to book into these courses) with regular courses scheduled through to November. The later than usual start this year was due to our moving office in February after 15 years in the old location.  The... Read more »
  • How the chair can make a meeting ineffective
    The chair of any meeting has a unique ability to destroy the value of the meeting! Eight of the key ways to reduce the meeting’s value are: Playing favourites. Bad chairs tend to shut down some attendees whilst allowing others they see as politically important to occupy most of the speaking time.... Read more »
  • There’s a great Scheduling party in Atlanta this May!
    Why not attend the Project Management College of Scheduling (PM-COS) annual conference either as a speaker or delegate and collect your ‘ticket to project success’? Some of the reasons for joining us at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta include: CPM Scheduling has been around for more than fifty years.  How much is art?  How much is... Read more »
  • Free, Exclusive Project Scheduling Virtual Event for PMI Members
    PMI members are entitled to register and attend this member-only event on the 29th March (9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET) for free! It is the perfect way to learn what’s new in project scheduling and network with PMI members across the globe. This year we are talking about how... Read more »
  • Just for the record – Climate science pre-dates the UN and modern China!
    Global Temperature In developing a theory to explain the ice ages, Svante August Arrhenius (1859 – 1927), a Nobel-Prize winning Swedish scientist developed the formula that is still used to predict the effect of greenhouse gasses. In 1896, he was the first to use basic principles of physical chemistry to estimate the... Read more »
  • The origins of PERT and CPM – What came before the computers!
    The development of PERT and CPM as Mainframe software systems starting in 1957 is well documented with contemporary accounts from the key people involved readily available.  What is less clear is how two systems developed contemporaneously, but in isolation, as well as a number of less well documented similar systems... Read more »
  • The Yin and Yang of Integrated Data Systems
    Integrated project management information systems (PMIS) are becoming more common and more sophisticated ranging from ‘web portals’ that hold project data through to the potential for fully integrated design and construction management using BIM[1].  The benefits derived from using these systems can be as much as 20% of the build price... Read more »
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