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Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd was incorporated as a separate company in July 2006 to provide the capital and business focus needed to deliver theStakeholder Circle® methodology and tools to a world wide project management market.

Prior to 2006, the development of the Stakeholder Circle and support for Dr. Lynda Bourne’s research was undertaken by Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd. Mosaic is a specialist project management training and consultancy business with over 30 years experience helping clients successfully deliver their projects (see www.mosaicprojects.com.au)

Development of the Stakeholder Circle

  • The development of the concepts that evolved into the StakeholderCircle began in 1998
  • Dr Bourne’s research covered the period 2001 to 2005 culminating in the award of her Doctorate in November 2005
  • The Stakeholder Circle tool was initially developed to assist Dr. Bourne’s research; commercialisation began in 2005 and was completed in October 2006 with the release of the SIMS database.
  • The Stakeholder-on-a-Page (SOAP – MS Word template) was developed in 2007 an used for training.
  • The Stakeholder Relationship Management Maturity (SRMM®) model was developed in 2008.
  • The Stakeholder WorkSheet (SWS – Excel template) was commercialised in 2009.


Dr. Lynda Bourne Lynda is the CEO and founder of Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd, and the Director of Professional Services with Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.

She was the first student to graduate from the RMIT University, Doctor of Project Management course with a professional Doctorate in Project Management (DPM), and the first Doctor of Project Management world wide. For her thesis, Lynda investigated the concept that a project’s success or failure is closely aligned with perceptions of the project held by its key stakeholders; and that project teams can manage these perceptions to create success. The research resulted in a new tool, the ‘Stakeholder Circle®’ that maps each stakeholder community in a unique way, allowing the project team to focus its stakeholder engagement strategies. The Stakeholder Circle also highlights key facets of the surrounding management culture and structure. She is a recognized international speaker on the topic of stakeholder management and the Stakeholder Circle visualization tool.

Lynda was the inaugural (2003) winner of the PMI Australian Chapters’ Project Manager of the Year award, was awarded PMI’s Robert J Yoursak tuition scholarship for the 2004/2005 academic year and the AIPM Victorian Chapter, Donal Lenihan Student Bursary in 2005. She was part of the testing team working on PMI’s OPM3 development project and the development of the OPM3 ProductSuite.

Lynda has extensive experience as a Senior Project Manager and Project Director specializing in delivery of IT and other business-related projects within the telecommunications sector. She has worked as a Senior IT Project Management Consultant with various Telcos in Australia and South East Asia (primarily in Malaysia) including senior roles with Optus and Telstra.

Lynda graduated from Deakin University, Geelong with Honours and later gained a Graduate Diploma in Computing. This led to a diverse range of assignments covering a wide-range of project related activities and project management roles. After more than twenty years working in the profession, Lynda is now focused on giving back to the profession through her mentoring activities and participation in the development of innovative Project Management methodologies and courseware.

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