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Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd (SHM) is focused on improving your organization’s success by developing innovative and effective ways to help managers and teams: identify, prioritize, visualize, engage with, and monitor the unique stakeholder community affected by the organization, its activities and projects.

SHM has developed:

The SRMM® maturity model

The SRMM® maturity model to identify an organization’s current level of Stakeholder Relationship Management Maturity. The maturity model can be implemented using any effective stakeholder management methodology.

The Stakeholder Circle® methodology

The Stakeholder Circle® methodology, a 5-Step methodology designed to facilitate the effective management of a business unit’s stakeholders. The methodology can be applied at the organizational level, the business unit level, or to support a specific activity, program or project. The methodology can be employed using any appropriate tools.

The Stakeholder Circle® tool set. We have developed three tools to assist in the implementation of the Stakeholder Circle® methodology as an organization progresses ‘up’ the SRMM® levels.

Stakeholder-On-A-Page (SOAP)

Stakeholder-On-A-Page (SOAP) Word template, a one page word template designed to build information on a stakeholder to facilitate effective communication and issue management.

Stakeholder WorkSheet (SWS)

Stakeholder WorkSheet (SWS) Excel Template, a spreadsheet designed to build information, prioritize and sort stakeholders into a list highlighting the ‘most important’ stakeholders at ‘this time’ in an activity’s (or project’s) lifecycle.

Stakeholder Information Management System (SIMS)

Stakeholder Information Management System (SIMS) database. This is a sophisticated tool designed for the identification, analysis and management of a single stakeholder community through the life of a business unit, activity and/or project. Trends and changes are recorded to allow the management team to identify which stakeholder engagement activities were successful and which need changing.

Communication Plan Management (Comm Plan)

Communication Plan Management (Comm Plan) Excel Template, a spreadsheet designed to manage the implementation of your communication plan.

We are committed to delivering improvements in stakeholder management world-wide. A significant amount of information is freely available from this web site. We run training courses around the world and the methodologies can be implemented with either your own tools, customized version of our tools or our commercially available tools.

To learn more, you can book Dr. Lynda Bourne to speak at your event.

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